Aircraft trading

private airlines provides off-market aircraft trading exclusively for Gulfstream, Airbus and Boeing.

To provide you and your customer with an offer that fits your mission,we should know the following items: 

  • What’s the budget of the buyer for the new / used aircraft
  • What’s the typical mission (long range flight’s, short airfields etc.)
  • Required seat arrangement
  • Special equipment (EVS, internet, satellite phone, etc.)
  • EASA Air OPS equipped yes / no
  • In which time frame do you need the aircraft 
  • Did the customer already have an aircraft in service

We sell you the aircraft you need and not the aircraft we have in stock.

Airbus / Boeing

Procedure for Aircraft Acquisition

Our worldwide network of executive operators and airlines as well as banks, leasing companies and investors allows us to offer pre-owned and new aircrafts for your flight departments or your clients.

The following outlines the procedure to follow for the acquisition of an aircraft:

An Attorney may be used to Administer entire transaction instead of an Escrow Agent.

  • Upon request by Purchaser/Purchaser representative, Technical Specifications will be provided to the Purchaser.
  • Fee Agreements to be entered into between parties involved in transaction.
  • Non Circumvention Non Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA) entered into by parties involved in the purchase of an Airliner.
  • Name of Leasing Company/Bank or End User to be provided. If an Airline, AOC number and Location of Airline to be provided to the Seller.
  • Letter of Intent (LOI) & Escrow Agent/or Attorney agreed upon, between Buyer and Seller.
  • Buyer makes refundable deposit, provides POF, and agrees to Disbursement of Funds to Escrow/Attorney.
  • Proof of Funds is to be a recent formal letter from Purchaser’s Banking Institution (which is internationally recognized), confirming that such Bank is holding US$ XXXXXXXXXXXX in Purchaser’s Banking Account to purchase X number of Airliners.
  • This is to be verified by Seller’s Escrow/Attorney. ( Unless Proof of Funds is provided together with LOI, refundable deposit in agreed account i.e. Escrow / Attorney’s account, the transaction to purchase an Airliner will NOT commence. NO MSN OR PHOTOS, will be provided).
  • Aircraft Inspection is Scheduled within 10 days.
  • Within 10 Days, Technical Acceptance & Aircraft Inspection Reports Provided to Seller by Buyer.
  • Within 10 Days Aircraft Purchase Agreement & Discrepancies Completed.
  • Final Test Flight by Buyer and its Technical Representatives, at Buyers cost, if required.
  • Delivery of Aircraft and Closing.

Seller documents needed for closing agent:

  • Technical Data & Serial Number Aircraft.
  • Bill of Sale.
  • Release of Lien (if needed).
  • Payoff Letter & Wire Transfer Instructions For Lien (if needed).
  • Disbursement of Funds Letter with Wire Transfer Instructions.

Buyer documents needed for closing agent:

  • Purchase Agreement.
  • Aircraft Registration Application
  • Statement In Support of Registration of LLC (if purchaser is LLC)
  • Letter of Authorization to Escrow Agent by Buyer, to Disburse entire Funds to the Seller.
  • We do hope that the above meets with your approval, as this is the standard procedure to follow, for the PURCHASE of any aircraft.

Do not hesitate to contact us on any questions.


  • Buyers Questionnaire

Business Jets

Procedure for Aircraft Acquisition

We apply the same methods in buying an aircraft for a client that we use when we buy or trade for our own operation.


It’s a team effort from day one, with all of our global resources and relationships at your disposal.

You are the boss and we'll handle all the details. We’ll ask all the right questions to make sure you are buying the right aircraft for your efforts. We will search the world's markets to locate the best aircraft available, often finding hidden opportunities that create exceptional values.

Once the deal is closed, we will stay with you through contracting, technical evaluations and we will handle all of the details of closing. We can advise or make uncompromising referrals regarding transaction structures, operations management, leasing and financing, and countless other details. 

  • Analyze mission profile/Identify appropriate aircraft
  • Evaluate current market
  • Prepare Market Overview of available aircraft and compare
  • Prepare offers / Assist and consult in negotiations of price terms and conditions
  • Provide model contracts, agreements, escrow arrangements
  • Coordinate and consult on inspections and demonstration flights
  • Provide list of the best suited aviation finance consultants
  • Assist as requested in the selection of options, interiors, floor plans and general outfitting of the aircraft 


  • Buyers Questionnaire
  • Basic Questionaire Financing