CAMO Service

private airlines offers the full range of CAMO services required to comply with EASA requirements.

Efficient continuing airworthiness management as required by many aviation authorities is aimed at improving flight safety. It is also essential to maximize the availability of your business jet and offers the potential to lower your maintenance costs.


We support you with the following:

  • Development and control of a suitable maintenance program, including applicable 
    reliability program
  • Representation during maintenance events
  • Management of approval of modification and repairs
  • Monitoring of aircraft being implemented into your operation
  • Ensuring that maintenance is carried out i.a.w. the approved maintenance program
  • AD / SB assessment
  • Aircraft defect / deferred defect control
  • Record / technical log control and retention
  • Invoice and record control
  • Establishment of appropriate maintenance contracts
  • AOG service
  • Performance of airworthiness review (physical and records review)
  • Pre-buy inspection
  • Import and export of new and used aircrafts


Our current Approvals: